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Had enough of ever increasing power bills


Declare Your Independence

Declare Your Energy Independence!


Your business shouldn’t be at the mercy of its electricity bills.

We can help you drastically decrease your costs.

Lock in your future cost of power to around 5 cents.

.... for the next 30+ years.

Take a massive step towards energy independence.

It’s time to take back control.

The Aussie Wide Advantage - A Proven Energy Solution 
   The Aussie Wide Solar solution is designed to maximise the return on your investment. We combine the very best solar equipment available with our in depth site & data analysis and premium installation service to provide the best possible solution to every single customer.  Add to that, 24/7 online monitoring, our exclusive 10 year All Products & Installation Warranty with its 25 year Performance Guarantee and no deposit financing and you begin to understand why it is a complete business solution. We have been installing commercial solar systems since 2010 with hundreds of happy customers being the result. Panels are only part of the answer.  

   We have the Energy to Power Your Business.

Better?   Believe It!
   Not all solar is the same. The performance and longevity of your system depends on the technology you choose. With so many options now available, selecting the best system for your business can be a daunting and time consuming task. Leverage our many years of solar experience and research to ensure you invest in the right solution for your future energy requirements.  We are Aussie owned and managed. We are an independant, solution based company. This makes us completely impartial when it comes to selecting the best products to suit your business.

OK. What’s next?


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Step 1 - Initial Consultation - Obligation and cost free.
   We’ll take the time to understand your energy requirements and business objectives. One of our Professional Estimators will visit you on-site to answer all your questions there and then. No salesy high pressure rubbish. Using our many years of solar system experience, we will discuss in detail your property’s solar potential. The most suitable products, size, location, direction, mounting methods and likely outcomes of different scenarios are all part of the process. We will also point out any potential problems like shading, unsuitable locations or existing wiring and meter box issues.

Step 2 - Economic Analysis & Proposal
   We will complete an economic analysis for your business, so we have the right information to provide you with a customised proposal.  We will analyse your past and current consumption data to make the correct recommendations on system components, sizing, location and orientation. We will provide you with a comprehensive quotation utilising the very latest solar technology. It will contain exact quantities with all inclusive pricing. Accurate system generation and saving forecasts based on existing systems in your local area. No Surprises. Our aim is to provide you with the best possible solution to achieve your desired outcome.
Step 3 - Installation & Activation
   We will manage every part of the process to make your new system installation seamless.  
From Approvals, Design and Engineering through to Procurement, Installation, Commissioning and Hand Over - we handle it. You can trust Aussie Wide Solar to deliver, every time.

Step 4 - Enjoy your Savings
   After installation, every single customer enjoys massive reductions on their electricity bills. You too can invest in your own electricity generation plant for free. How? You are already paying for every bit of electricity your business consumes. And the fat cats say thanks. 
   Many Aussie Wide customers have taken advantage of our Commercial Lease options. No deposit and the same monthly payment over 5 years. The reduction in future power bills is often more than the lease payment. In fact, the saving will add to your cashflow. Best of all, its all 100% tax deductable. Payout the small residual at the end and future saving are all your. For the next 30 years.

Introduce us to the accountant, and we will do the rest.