Aussie Wide Solar is proud to announce that we have partnered with Energy Locals.
We encourage all Aussie Wide Solar customers to contact Energy Locals to see how much they can save under the offer. You will receive a great Feed-in Tariff for starters.
Switching is easy, it takes just a few minutes to join online 
Call the friendly, Energy Locals team on 1300 MY ENERGY (1300 693 637),
mentioning Aussie Wide Solar to ensure the best rates.
Why Energy Locals? - Switch to Cheaper, Cleaner, Fairer Energy
*  Aussie Energy Company - 100% Australian owned and operated and we’re here to make
    energy Cheaper, Cleaner and Fairer.
*  Huge Feed-in Tariff - 12.87 cents per kW inc GST -  Get a faster return on your existing or
    new solar system.
*  Big Savings - Customers who join Energy Locals can save hundreds on their electricity bills.
* New Meters - All Solar Systems require a Bi-Directional Meter before connecting to the Grid.      Join Energy Locals with Aussie Wide Solar and your new Solar Meter will be only $149.
    Saving you up to $700
*  Happy Customers - Our customers like what we’re doing and they stay with us.
*  Community Impact - We give half our profit to great local organisations.
*  Ethical Energy - We don’t screw customers.
*  No Disappearing Discounts - Our rates are permanently discounted.
Simple Rates - Compare our prices easily thanks to our simple rate structures.
*  No Sneaky Stuff - Why risk joining fees, exit fees or lock-in contracts. We don’t have them.
Experienced Team - Benefit from our team’s vast energy expertise.
Transparent Approach - Want to know how much profit per customer we make? We’ll tell you.
*  Fat Cat Free - Our mission is to kill the traditional energy model, including fat cats.
*  NEVER have to speak to an overseas call centre again - Spend 5 minutes switching and
    Energy Locals will handle the admin - it doesn’t affect your energy supply in any way at all.