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Privacy Policy:

 Any information provided by customers will be kept private by Aussie Wide Solar and only used in accordance with the Aussie Wide Solar Privacy Policy, as stated below, and Australian legislation.




1. What Information is covered?

 As part of its daily business practices, Aussie Wide Solar may collect personal information.

This may include;
• Names, addresses 
and contact details
Interest shown in Aussie Wide Solar products and services
• Aussie Wide Solar products and services used by the customer 

In most cases, the customer volunteers the information themselves. Aussie Wide Solar may also source information from publicly available records, customers of sunshower products and services and other third parties. At no point does a customer HAVE to provide information, however it may compromise our ability to provide you with our goods and services and information about them.

2. Use and Control of Personal Information

Aussie Wide Solar will only use the information for the purpose for which it was originally provided. This may include;

   •  Providing Aussie Wide Solar products and services to the customer
   • To manage customer accounts
   • To improve our products and services
   • To maintain and improve the customer experience
   • To provide information on Aussie Wide Solar products, services and events
   • Facilitating Aussie Wide Solar business operations
   • Uses allowed or required by Australian legislation

Aussie Wide Solar may disclose personal information to third parties where required;

   •  Where necessary to provide the products and services
   •  To Aussie Wide Solar suppliers and representatives
   •  As permitted under the National Privacy Principles

In the unlikely event that Aussie Wide Solar wishes to disclose personal information for any purpose not linked to its original collection, prior permission will be sought from the customer. 

3. Information Security

Aussie Wide Solar will take reasonable steps to protect the personal information of all its customers that it holds, whether in electronic or other forms, from misuse, loss and unauthorised access modification or disclosure.

4. Public Access

Customers may ask at any time to access all their personal information held by Aussie Wide Solar. Aussie Wide Solar may charge a fee to process this request. Aussie Wide Solar has the right to refuse the request where covered by the National Privacy Principles.


5. Online Privacy and Security

The Aussie Wide Solar website is designed so that it can be used without inputting any information, however, by adding information, the Customer allows Aussie Wide Solar to better understand their query and better assist.



This website, and all the information contained within, is provided by Aussie Wide Solar for the purpose of providing information only. Aussie Wide Solar continues to improve its products and services and reserves the right to amend specifications, designs and manuals without prior warning. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained within this website is accurate and current at time of going to print, no warranty is given in respect of, and the drawings, installation steps and technical data may differ from your actual model. Your actual model will be detailed in your contract and as part of your consultation process. Aussie Wide Solar cannot be held liable for any errors which occur as a result of inaccurate information. The use of this website and the information contained within it is at your own risk. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Aussie Wide Solar excludes all liability for loss or damage of any kind relating to this website.
Please contact your local Aussie Wide Solar representative for up to date product information and technical specifications.


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