Had enough of ever increasing power bills


Get Aussie Wide on Your Side!

Let's Kill Bill !

HOW?    Consider this . . . .

Energy companies now want your extra solar power.

Feed-In Tariffs have just increased.

EA pay 12.5 c/kW and Origin now pay 17 c/kW.

If you were to install a 5kW solar system

and you feed-in all of the power it produced,

Origin will pay you $1,396 every year.

If your quarterly bill is currently $350...

Presto!   Bill Killed!

NB: This is actually the worst-case scenario. Solar systems will supply your home first during the day. The more power you can offset into the daytime, the better your results will be. Calculations based on a yearly average of 4.5 sun hours each day.

5kW x 4.5 = 22.5kW x 365 days = 8,212kW x $0.17 = $1,396

Get Aussie Wide on Your Side!