There are immediate benefits to choosing an
Aussie Wide Solar Hot Water System.
From the security of knowing that you
will have cheap, reliable energy and hot 
hot water for many years to come, to
the knowledge that you are helping the
environment every single day by reducing
your use of carbon based electricity.

Financial Benefits

Hot water can be responsible for up to 31% of your homes energy usage. 

A more economical future
   By replacing your old gas or electric water heater with one of our highly efficient Sunshower Australia Solar Hot Water Systems you will save between 70%-95% of your hot water power use. With a seven year warranty and an expected lifespan exceeding 20 years, your savings will continue to grow.  


Lock-in your future costs now 

   As fuel sources dry up, costs will continue to increase! It’s a simple formula – lower production than demand =

increase costs. Prices have jumped over 300% since March 1990! (Energy Supply Association of Australia factsheet 2014)​​​

Increase the value of your home

   A number of studies over the last few years have shown increasing understanding of the value solar power adds to a home. Opinions vary on the exact percentage however common sense dictates that if you have a much lower power bills, there is more money left to commit to a larger mortgage. Quality solar systems can provide added value.

Take advantage of Government incentives
   The Clean Energy Regulator has included our Solar Hot Water Systems on their list of heaters eligible for incentives from the Federal Government known as Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs). See here for a detailed explanation. Our standard system has a value of 29 STC’s and the larger 450 litre system has 44 STC’s.  We are happy to process these incentives as a point of sale discount to reduce the up-front cost of insalling your new water heater. We will provide all the information you need  along with a free on-site solar assessment.

Environmental benefits
   It is unmistakeable that human activity, and in particular our creation of polluting gases as a result of our energy addiction, has warmed the Earth. Even if humans are not solely responsible for all of the Earths warming, we are at severe risk of the consequences, and owe it too ourselves and future generations to limit any impact humanity is having. Greenhouse gases are so-called because they insulate the Earths atmosphere and stop heat from being radiated out into space. The result is that the Earth has warmed overall, leading to devastatingly extreme weather - the droughts in the USA this year, the extreme colds of the past European winters.


   This isn’t the only effect on the environment – tens of thousands of tonnes of poisonous gases are released, including many highly toxic compounds and harmful bi-products from all those fossil fuels being used!

Less energy needed
​​   Australia has had to produce an extra 10% of electricity in the past 5 years to keep up with a changing modern society.​ - IEA Key World Energy Statistics   That’s an extra 10% of carbon emissions in 5 years!

   Our carbon footprint has increased by 50% per person since 1990, in comparisons to Europe’s slight decrease over the same period! We need to reverse this trend & reduce these levels! Cutting back on energy use, will reduce the need for additional energy production.


   Hot water can be up to 31% of energy use in an average Australian household. Solar hot water systems can save you up to 90% of the energy used annually to heat water (depending on the location and system chosen). Or if you choose a solar gas boosted system you can reduce your electrical needs even further! Not only will you help lower the generating needs nationwide, but you will also help reduce power lost through transmittal along the networks, an estimated 10% of all power created!

​Lower your carbon footprint
   Less energy used is less carbon produced on your behalf. If you use less electrical energy from the grid, less dirty brown coal and other carbon fuels will be required in furnaces across Australia. Australia has one of the largest carbon footprints per capita of any westernized country. The only countries it ranks behind are big oil producers, or tiny islands that require everything to be shipped in.

   A nationwide reduction in power usage is possible, and has far reaching consequences. Less materials will be used in providing supply - less coal, less gas, less carbon. Even very small systems installed on each house will reduce pressure on the networks to provide and transmit electricity.

That means you help:     - Eliminate the need for new massive generators and power stations
                                           - Eliminate the need for a larger distribution network and transformers

   Overall, a more distributed network of environmentally responsible solar energy will mean less need for fossil fuel and other expensive, toxic and exotic materials for energy production and transmission.