Solar Hot Water

   Aussie Wide Solar have selected the Sunshower Australia range of solar water heaters to provide our   customers with what we believe to be the best hot water solutions currently available. Our management and staff of plumbers / installers have many years of experience in the hot water industry. We have used that knowledge and very extensive industry research to find the best performing system on the market. We now, exclusively promote and install Sunshower Australia solar hot water systems due to their many advantages.



Why Sunshower Australia?
   The Sunshower Australia solar water heating system utilizes the very latest in solar technology,

only recently developed and brought to the Australian market. It is based on high performing

evacuated tube technology, coupled with specially manufactured solar hot water storage

tanks. Even on the darkest, coldest days it will still heat your water and save you money. 
      The Sunshower solar water heaters are designed to give you maximum flexibility for 

installation locations. The sleek, low profile collector is mounted on a North facing roof.

They tie in to the existing hot water system with a like-for-like replacement of the old hot

water tank for easy installation. 
   On the rare occasion when there is not enough solar energy available, the system can

automatically heat your water up to the desired temperature using a minimum of electricity

or gas. This is known as Boosting.
   You can choose from a range of boosters including in-tank electric or in-line gas continuous flow boosting to ensure you always have hot water on tap, no matter how much you may require. The electric boosted model can even be installed inside your home. This minimises the visual impact of going solar, while maximising your potential savings from the sun.
   Sunshower offer 3 large storage tank sizes to suit the individual needs of our Customers. We can customise the design of the system to suit your particular requreiments. This provides our customers with the best value and performance combination currently available on the Australian market. 

   High-quality, corrosion-resistant and tested materials ensure smooth & reliable operation

over an extremely long life time. After leaving the storage tank, all water flow is within Copper

tubes with Brass fittings. on the roof, external structural components are made of high grade

stainless steel or aluminium. No mild steel is used anywhere. The Glass tubes and UV stabilised

plasitic end caps round out the materials list. They are both easily replaced if needed.

All Sunshower products meet or exceed Australian Quality Standards and hold the necessary

WaterMark and StandardMarks.

Technical Advantages of the Sunshower System
   Sunshower Australia solar hot water systems show a proven performance advantage

over older solar hot water technology.

Specifically, these advantages are:
     • German design and manufacturing methods
     • Direct water heat transfer
     • ALWAYS perpendicular to sunshine
     • Low weight on your roof
     • High performance in low light
     • Can be positioned from 5º - 90º
     • Maintainence free for first 5 years
     • Freeze protection to -15ºC

Direct heat transfer 
   The water is sent from the storage tank directly through the inner copper pipes of

the collector inside each evacuated tube. This creates a massive internal surface area

for direct heat transfer. As the water is heated directly from within the collector, it

has a huge advantage over heat pipe systems. Heat pipe systems use a less direct

system, where the water only flows through the top of the collector, so heat is

exchanged again at the top of the collector (called a manifold). Each time heat is

exchanged the system loses energy and efficiency, and the heat transfer process is

slowed. Only plain, clean tap water is used in the Sunshower system, whereas the

heat exchange fluid in other indirect systems often has to include anti-freeze and

other toxic compounds.


High performance evacuated tubes
   We use high-tech evacuated tubes with an improved geometry and

performance. As the space between the tubes is evacuated and

hermetically sealed the aluminum nitride sputter coating is protected

within the internal glass evacuated space. The Tubes are made from

specially toughened borosilic glass, which allows them to be highly

resistant to hail damage and weathering. The tubes design means that

almost all dirt is washed off naturally by rain. The outer tube is

completely clear, allowing the sun through. The inner tube is lined with

the sputter thermal coating, converting all the suns energy to heat.

The well-known indestructibility of our tubes was confirmed by positive

test results in the hailstone test according to DIN EN 12975-2 and the

thermal shock test (ITW test report no. 02COL 282). Within each glass tube is a copper u-pipe, held in place with stainless steel fins. The fins help to transfer the heat to the copper pipe consistently. 


   Also known as “U-tube” is where the copper pipe forms a “U” shape at the base inside each evacuated tube. The water travels down one side of the U collecting heat along the way, and then returns back through the other side, gathering even more heat. This maximises water flow through the collector, putting water in as much direct contact with the suns energy as is possible.


   To increase the efficiency of our evacuated tube collectors, a highly reflective,

weather-proof CPC reflector (Compound Parabolic Concentrator) is fitted

behind the evacuated tubes. The specially improved geometry of the reflector

ensures that both direct and diffused sunlight directly contacts the internal

coating even when the angle of irradiation is less than ideal. This considerably

improves the energy yield. The technically accessed factory Yield forecast is

651 kWh/m²a . The aperture area of  3.0m² equates to an annual energy

genteration of 1,953kW.

   The water is circulated through the system by the pressure of your water supply.

It is controlled with a small pump. This allows the controller to have maximum

effect, being able to circulate water when it is needed most. The small, efficient

pump is quiet, durable and requires very little power. Non-forced systems rely

on water convection currents (thirmosyphon), a slow but consistent method

of heat transfer. It has a higher start-up heat threshold and cannot be controlled.


   This means that the water storage tank is not roof mounted.

This has a number of advantages:
 -   the tank can be positioned close to the end users, the taps, showers and

      appliances that use the hot water. Being closer reduces the heat loss through

      pipes, and reduces lag, the delay between turning on a hot water tap, and hot

      water reaching it from the tank, further increasing efficiency.
-   there is less pressure on the roof structure. Roofs are not designed to hold

     large weights, and a full tank and collector can weigh over 600kg, 

     nearly as much as a small car!
-   the tank can be any size as there are no structural limits. A simple concrete

     pad or level paving slab is more than enough at ground level.


All of this combines to give you a high performing, highly efficient system.

With the generous Government rebates that they qualify for,

it is the most intelligent choice for quality hot water!
Guaranteeing you free hot water...   for many years to come! 

Multiple Advantages