1. Sunlight hits the Rooftop Collector.

Due to the unique tubular section, the Sunshower collectors are good at collecting rays at low angles such as mornings and evenings, as well as diffused light on overcast days.

2. The Collector Begins to Heats Up

​The thermos flask effect of the evacuated tubes stops the collector from losing heat. It will generate high temperatures quite quickly, and even in below zero environments.

3. Controller Steps in to Activate Pump

​When the controller senses a higher temperature in the collector than in the storage tank, it turns on the pump and circulates the hot water into the tank, ready to use.

4. Enjoy Consistent, Free, Solar Hot Water

​The Sunshower System attracts generous Government rebates, meaning that it is an intelligent and achievable proposition for most Australian families.

Solar Hot Water  -   How Solar Hot Water Works

   When sunlight strikes the rooftop collectors, the solar radiation penetrates the clear outer tube to be absorbed by the black coating on the inner tube. The air between the layers is evacuated which acts as a very efficient insulator, just like a thermos flask. The solar energy is then changed into heat energy, raising the temperature of the water in the copper pipes inside.
   When the system detects that the temperature in the rooftop collector is 8 degrees higher than the water in the storage tank, it circulates the water, replacing the colder water in the storage tank with hot water from the roof. The hot water is then stored in an insulated tank on the ground just like a traditional Hot Water System, ready for you to use.