Not all Solar Panels are created equal.

All Solar Panels degrade over time. Budget panels can end up as landfill after only a few short years. All manufacturers offer a 25 year performance warranty. This means nothing if the're not around to honour it. Just like any other product the quality of the end product depends on the quality control processes of the manufacturer.

Premium panels degrade at less than 0.7% per year. We have partnered with only the best panel manufacturers to ensure our customers own the best panels available at the best price possible. Every system we create is made to last for more than 30 years.

  These are the brands we use and recommend:-

   This Korean behemoth is a widely diversified global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics.  LG manufactures leading flat panel TVs, home appliances, LED lighting and solar modules.  

   LG’s focus on quality control sits at the heart of our manufacturing philosophy. This quality-first philosophy has been developed through decades of creating top class electronic equipment. When you are buying a solar module from LG you are dealing with an international company that has the capacity and longevity to provide a reliable backup and makes their warranties count for many decades.