The sun has powered planet earth for millions of years.

The mechanization of modern man has been created

based on the consumption of finite fossil fuels.

Mankind's growing need for sustainable energy sources

is undeniable. While we have been using the suns

radiant power to heat water for hundreds of years, the

technology for using the suns rays to produce

electricity only became commercially viable in the

1960’s. Solar Systems have developed rapidly over the

last 20 years, with many options now available.
   We have all seen more and more solar panels popping up on roof tops everywhere over the last few years. There are now over 1.6 Million rooftop systems creating electricity for their owners every day in Australia. As our old mate Julius Sumner Miller would say...  “Why is it so?”   Well, there are a number of good reasons that together make a very compelling argument for the affirmative. However, Solar panels are not right for everyone. Here are the main exceptions. 
    1.   You have no electricity bill or a very low one. (under $200)
   2.   You have a very small roof, (under 10sq. M) or too much shading.
   3.   You are renting and may move in the next year or so.


   If you have an electricity bill that you would like to reduce or even eliminate, in most cases, solar panels will be your answer. There are other solutions, such as greater efficiency but nothing else currently available will give you the same bang for your buck. Many solar panel systems have paid for themselves in less than 5 years. Earning 20% on any investment, with zero personal effort, is near on impossible these days.

As one of the sunniest countries in the world, Solar Panels make a lot of sense for Australians.

The Many Benefits of Going Solar

   Environmental responsibility - Use less energy 
   Lower your carbon footprint - Become more efficient
   Improve your living environment - Maintain a better quality of life.
   Government incentives = 30-40% off your installation cost. Reducing again soon!
   Equity Gain - Solar WILL make your home more valuable
   Protection - Solar WILL reduce your exposure to power price increases
   Self-reliance - Solar can power up to 40-85% of your power use
   Smaller energy bills now - Solar will save you money from day 1
   GUARANTEED - Solar WILL reduce your electricity bills for the next 25+ years. 
   A more sustainable future


Returns                            -  Generate and use your own green power onsite
                                          -  Fix your electricity costs to around 5 cents/kW for the next 25+ years
                                                  -  Quantifiable and predictable before installation
                                                  -  Measurable and trackable after installation
                                                  -  Savings will GROW, as the price of electricity increases


Feed-In-Tariff    -  Has now increased.  Most energy retailers are paying  10 to 17 cents per kW.


Why Now?
STC prices are currently very high.    The rebate will be LESS every year.
Without solar, you are 100% exposed to price hikes. The wholesale price of electricity doubled in 2016. What does that mean for you?  


   By harnessing the suns energy with the latest technology you can reduce your reliance on the energy companies and their ever increasing associated costs. Electricity prices have doubled in the last 5 years. Has your pay packet?

   A correctly sized quality solar system usually pays for itself in around 5 years. That is a 20% return on your investment.  New systems are now designed to last over 30 years. If you divide the total cost of a  new solar system by the amount of electricity it will create over its first 25 years, your electricity will cost less than 5 cents per kW. How much are you paying now? How much will you be paying in the future? Protect your home and your family. Take action today. 

Owning your own power generation system is - simply smart money!

When is the best time to start saving money?