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Aussie Wide Solar was formed in January 2011.


The two founders were working in the solar industry and quickly realised the company that they were working for was just another dodgy sales company.


Realising that the customers deserved a better deal. The Novacastrian’s were wanting a genuine product with honest information from a real company.


After forming the company, it was quickly discovered “the secret sauce was providing the very best products at great value with our own people”


Over the last decade, Aussie Wide Solar has installed more than 100 thousand solar photovoltaic panels. Saving our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars and reducing their reliance on fossil fuels.

Simply put no overseas call centres, no pushy commission only sale people and companies that focus on selling the cheapest equipment at the highest price.


Our quality we focus on products with the lowest failure rates and the highest efficiency. Combining that with our own people so we can control the whole experience from start to finish.

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