Solar Electric

We offer quality Solar PV (Electric) systems for you and your household or business, to cut down your power bills, wipe them out entirely, or maybe even to make a few dollars from the feed in tariff! We can personalise the size of your array, to give you the system you require, that best fits the needs of your family, the limits of your budget and the size of your roof.

Our Installation Team is fully qualified and experienced 

Our Installation Team has the the experience and qualifications necessary to give you the best possible outcomes for your hot water and electrical systems. Working in conjunction with our assessors, we can bring you a friendly, knowledgeable team to create a bright solar future for you and your family!

Solar Hot Water

We stock the brand new Sunshower Australia brand of solar hot water systems. This new range of products offer the highest possible amount of STC's, proving they are efficient and effective at heating water cheaply, saving you money every single day!

Contact us today! Our Aussie Wide Solar Assessors can be at your door within days!

We have a proven track record of providing quality at a great value price. Our Assessors range far and wide across New South Wales, so call now and see just how fast we can be there!